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Astrophotography, Astro-sketching and Video Astronomy

Archive up to October 2016


On this page you can link to photos, drawings and video of the night sky taken by members of Rosliston Astronomy Group. Many are them are taken from the light polluted skies of Lichfield, Tamworth and Burton on Trent, and show just what can be acheived in our area with patience and enthusiasm - often without needing a lot of expensive equipment. If you would like to find out more about how to take pictures like these please come along to the Group meetings and meet the astrophotographers!

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Note that photos, animations and video from the partial solar eclipse 20/3/2015 are found on the solar website - return to main RAG website and click on solar link.

[Techniques & Tips]
[Pluto Time]
[Photographs, drawiings and video by members of RAG after April 2014]

Click here to look at photos, drawings, video and audio recordings from the group between 2009 and April 2014

Damians photo of M42 March 201004
polaristrails1 ngc 7000-c14
[Photos/Drawings] [Techniques & Tips] [Pluto Time] [Photographs, drawiings and video by members of RAG after April 2014]