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Ed Mann

Photo below: Ed says, “This is a photo of me taken next to the 20” Dobsonian Telescope at Kielder Observatory on a very damp, cold and cloudy night in February. All we saw outside was Jupiter for about 3 minutes before the clouds rolled in again”


Hi, I’m Ed.

I recently retired after working in the mobile industry most of my working life (O2/ Telefonica), and have a good background in electronics. Retirement finally gave me time to pick up my interest in astronomy. I™m very much a novice and learning new things every day.

I’m very keen on DIY, especially astronomy stuff and so far I’ve made a binocular parallelogram (IMG2050 and 2041) and an iPhone mount for my scope (IMG 2313,2314,2311). I’m experimenting with various apps and techniques for the iPhone.

I’m very new to astrophotography so I’m at the cursing and frustration stage, especially taking pics of Jupiter.

My equipment:-

  • Celestron 8SE (retirement present to myself)
  • Skywatcher 127 MAK supatrack mounted on a board for astro shots from inside the house . (Bargain of the century from eBay). IMG 2108,2109 and 2184 were taken with this plus iPhone 5
  • Canon 450D “ recent acquisition and I™m still learning how to drive it
  • Ostara Elinor 10x50 binoculars




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