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Paul Bertenshaw



Paul lives and observes in Ashby de la Zouch. Retired from a career in golf course management, his interests include Bonsai trees as well as golf. His long suffering wife needs to put up with his fascination with getting his scope accurately collimated! He is mainly a visual observer and has many years experiece exploring the night sky. He uses a Meade LXD55 and is also the proud owner of a Charles Franks 4" F9.6 Newtonian.


Click below to view Paul’s photos:

[Collimation 4/6/13]
[Re-spotting primary mirror 5/6/13]
[Scope renovation 13/6/13]
[Scope renovation 4/7/13]
[Scope renovation 5/7/13]
[Photos of scope renovation 7/7/13]
[Scope renovation 7/7/13]
[Night World 26-27/7/13]
[Ashby Moon 24/10/13]
[Jupiter 29/10/13]
[Tenerife 3-10/11/13]
[Charles Frank 4" reflector 20/1/14]
[M82 Supernova 24/1/14]
[Double Moon transit 9/3/14]
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