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Roy Wood Astrophotography

In his photos, Roy brought out another side to photography - often using only a small hand held digital camera, he photographed the world and sky around us - and showed us that great photos do not require expensive equipment....instead they require the ability to see beauty in the apparently mundane and normal stuff. If you want to be encouraged to take up astrophotography there will no better place to start than with Roy’s photo albums!

Sadly Roy passed away in December 2011. He was a stalwart of Rosliston Astronomy Group, always passionate about astronomy, witty and friendly. Before joining our group, he had regularly presented his photographs at Leicester Astronomy Group.

Roy in his back garden I 180911

Roy’s albums:-

Roy’s albums can now all be found in the 2009-11 pages.


Moon halo - real thing I 18091102
olympus sp 800uz camera used by Roy 180911
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