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Rosliston Radio Astronomy

Archive up to October 2016


Members of the group have been experimenting with Radio Astronomy in their backyards. From this page, you can view their experiments. We would also love to hear about your experiences - please contact us to let us know how you are observing the sky!

Andy & Rhys pointing dish at Sun

To learn more about amateur radio astronomy click here to see a video from the BAA.

Click here to read the group’s radio observing log

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Lichfield Radio Observatory

Andy’s dream of setting up a radio observatory in Lichfield has come to fruition! Click here to find out more about the new radio observatory.

Itty Bitty Radio Telescope (above), Radio Jove receiver (right & below) & UKRAA VLF Receiver (below right)



Meteor Detection by radio scatter

LRO’s biggest success has been in detecting meteors by radio meteor scatter from Graves radar station in Dijon, France. After initial problems, Bill Watson, a local radio amateur in Lichfield joined the team and his expertise in amateur radio and in making aerials changed the situation dramatically. LRO now has a fixed permanent meteor detection station and a portable station perfect for demonstrating the technique at outreach events by Rosliston Astronomy Group (

Read about meteor detection at LRO.


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