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Solar Observing and Measurement

Archive until October 2016


Click below to read about the group’s work on observing and recording our closest star.

Note that Sudden ionospheric disturbances and other radio phenomena affecting the sun are discussed in our radio astronomy sub-site.

NEVER view the Sun with or without optical aid without specialist observing equipment to protect your eyes obtained from a verifiable source and to ensure you use that equipment correctly. Look at this video to find out what will happen if you do not do this: or download video (MP4)


[Solar Observing Log]
[Photographs, video and drawings by members]
[Solar ATM Projects]
[UK Partial Solar eclipse 20/3/2015]
[Transit of Mercury across surface of the Sun 9/5/2016]
[Solar observing & photography advice]
[Equipment for observing & photographing the Sun]
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[Solar] [Solar Observing Log] [Photographs, video and drawings by members] [Solargraphy] [Solar ATM Projects] [UK Partial Solar eclipse 20/3/2015] [Transit of Mercury across surface of the Sun 9/5/2016] [Solar observing & photography advice] [Equipment for observing & photographing the Sun] [How to photograph the Sun]