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Rosliston Astronomy Group

Archive 2009-11

Itty Bitty RT
Rhys with Solar Radio Telescope02
Radio Temp Daddy 131111 1538_250_pixels

The Itty Bitty Radio Telescope is based on instructions found in many places on the Internet and also in the book “The Radio Sky and how to observe it”. It is made from a small second hand satellite dish and cheap components available from auction sites on the internet.

Solar observing with a simple radio telescope made from a second hand satellite dish 29/05/2011.


Andy with Satellite Dish
Rhys comes from side in front of dish rotates several times then stays in front 131111 1558_250_pixels

Click here to read about our observations of microwave radiation from the human body recorded with this telescope.

Bill Rotating on the spot & walking away and back 131111 1548_250_pixels02
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