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Rosliston Astronomy Group

Archive 2009-11

Nocilucant Clouds 2/7/11

Hi to All RAG Members,

Here are some pics of noctilucent clouds this morning at time 02-43 am with my Olympus compact camera set on night scene at web auto + timed.

The cloud could be seen in the North from my observing location in Burton on Trent.

Best Regards,


Nocilucant clouds 010711 photo 1

Nocilucant clouds 010711 photo 2

Nocilucant clouds 010711 photo 3




Space Weather News for July 2, 2011

NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS: Last night, a bank of rippling electric-blue noctilucent clouds spilled across the Canadian border into the lower United States. In doing so, the glowing clouds made the farthest excursion of the year away from their usual polar realm. Reports of bright NLCs are coming in from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota and elsewhere.

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