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Rosliston Astronomy Group

Archive 2009-11

Ken Eliotts spectrograph 011211

Some members of the group have started to use amateur spectrographs on their telescopes. This is a fascinating aspect of astronomy, where, like the professionals, you can find out what the chemical composition of a star is using your backyard telescope! Wow! A lot of light needs to be collected so you need good tracking. Filters are available and also more expensive specialised spectrographs - but whatever you use this is great fun!!


Ken Elliott

Ken is making an amateur spectrograph that he hopes to sell. Currently, the prototype is being tested.

Click below to view photos and his latest reports.

Ken Elliott’s report 1/12/11

The photo at the top of this page is of Ken’s spectrograph 1/12/11. About this, Ken says:

“The spectrograph is just as it came back from the workshop, but will be anodised probably gold and black. Still not sure of the retail price as I still haven’t got the cost of machining multiple copies. As you can probably see from the photo, the instrument is machined out of a solid block, with all the internal components precision machined to there is no alignment adjustment as each component is exactly in the right place. There is a however a vernier focus drum though one of the hatches. The other thing which the group might be interested in is a visit to the University Observatory which I built 30 years ago.

Ken Elliott’s report 28/12/11


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